Little Martin Robbed!
King Of the Boots

Exclusive report on The King Of the Boots @ The Monday Club, St. Albans by I.M. Biased

Despite strong rumours that this was going to be a walkover for Sellout Breaks Maestro Little Martin, The 1st Ever King Of The Boots competition held at The Monday Club was far from it.

The King Of the Boots competition came about during a phone call from one of the other contestants and Monday Club promoter Hansi who was booking dj's to play a bootleg night at The Monday Club. Little Martin suggested why not make it a competition on who can play the best bootlegs and have it judged by the ever faithful Monday club regulars. This was actually a clever ploy by Little Martin (who tends to only ever play bootleg breakbeat, ed.) to make sure he won.


Come the day, a phone call in the afternoon from the other contestant entered into the competition Beardo to Little Martin which ended up coming to the agreement that Beardo would play guitar based based bootleg breaks and Little Martin would play more old-skool breaks, yet it was this private agreement would be the downfall for Little Martin.

At 9PM the straws were drawn (in fact they were actually pieces of paper ripped up with numbers on) to the running order on the night, 1st up Little Martin, 2nd Hansi and 3rd Beardo. At this stage already Little Martin was beginning to wonder if going 1st was a good idea, less crowd to enjoy a fine set, judges not drunk enough to appreciate the cheesiness of his tune selection. At 9.15 Little Martin stepped up to the decks in fine form and dropped what can only be described in some circles (Little Martin's brain after a Nang) as the best bootleg ever Cut And Run - Pink, a fine bootleg of the Pink Panther tune - what more could they want!
Martin's set progressed well with some fine showman ship on stage including various finger pointing and hands in the air moments, the crowing glory been going into my his record bag and showing everyone what a fine booty was all about. To quote one innocent bystander, a DJ Cheeky Chops

"Yep, u were certainly King of the Booty when u bent over to look in your record box ;-)"

Despite a brief moment at 9.45PM when Hansi tried to drag Little Martin off the decks and not allowing the full 45 Min's allowed for the set, leading Little Martin to shout "cheat!" many times, Little Martin had a great set and came off stage thinking, "not one single mistake that wasn't planned" ;)

Hansi stepped up next and played some tunes which lead Little Martin to think they weren't actually bootlegs at all, but nobody except Hansi knows if they were or not. Beardo came up finally, and played a good set but not as good as Little Martin and Beardo also played many tunes that Little Martin could have played if not for the phone call during day. By this point the judges must have been drunk, they actually thought Beardo's set was good ;)

At the end the judges retired and awarded Beardo the prize of King Of The Boots, and was presented with a big Boot and a copy of King Of Boots one of Little Martins tunes - A boot leg of King of Snakes.

Was Little Martin Robbed? I think he was, judges not drunk enough and Beardo wanting to play some good tunes that also exist in Little Martins record Box were certainly contributing factors. Watch this space, Little Martin will be back with a vengeance playing on Friday April 21st Slambuca @ The Heritage Bar, St Albans.

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